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Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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FOX is flying me into New York this afternoon (I’m at the airport now) to do an interview on a nationally syndicated talk show called “The Mike and Juliet Show”. I’ll be part of a panel talking about churches that use Halo 3 (a violent video game where humans kill alien invaders) as a way to attract unchurched kids into church.

My take? While we are not endorsing a violent videogame like Halo 3 we are endorsing the conversation that we should be having with our teenagers that these kinds of subjects usually bring up (good verses evil, right verses wrong, the invading alien force and the overwhelming victory that teenagers can have through Jesus!) It’s too easy to demonize culture. What we need to do is to demonize demons and use the topic of culture to win our teenagers back to Jesus.

Here is the link to the show’s website so you can watch, tape, tivo or DVR it if you want to watch it:


Pray! Pray! Pray! I got to give a brief gospel presentation on CNN yesterday and I’m hoping to do the same on this show tomorrow morning!

Also please remember to pray for our youth ministry specialist, Lane Palmer (the one who wrote the Halo 3 article that got us so much pub to begin with), as well. He has an interview on this same subject tomorrow on BBC radio international!

Holy Canoli!

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