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Not skiing in Breckenridge

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

This morning we take off for Breckenridge as a family. We are just going to stay the night but Jeremy is really looking forward to it. Debbie is going to take Jeremy skiing for the very first time tomorrow. What about me and Kailey? We are going to stay in the lodge drinking hot chocolate, watching Dora and having some daddy/daughter time.

Here are a few reasons why I won’t go skiing:

1. I have no ACL. In other words the main ligament that connects the top of my right leg to the bottom of my right leg is shredded. I initially tore it playing basketball about fifteen years ago and finished it off dancing to a Michael Jackson video about fourteen years ago (I’m sorry but it’s true). After I had it replaced the first time the screw started protruding from my knee, almost poking through the skin, so they had to remove it…making my new ACL tantamount to not being there. There’s nothing more dangerous for an already bad knee than a day on the ski slopes. The last thing I need is a fun ski trip to shred any other lightweight ligaments that are working overtime to keep my leg together.

2. I am physically uncoordinated. For some reason I have not been blessed with athletic skill. I was the guy the basketball coach put in when we were either thirty points up or thirty points down, there were two minutes to play and it didn’t really matter. I was the Rudy of the basketball court. That same try hard/look bad gene has translated into every one of my less than a handful of skiing attempts. To be honest the one time I did go skiing with my wife (when we were first married) I think my “all over the mountain”, screaming-like-a-fool, spaz-o-matic style of not skiing embarrassed her. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the incessant “GET OUT OF MY WAY! I’M GOING TO HURT SOMEONE! WATCH OUT” that I yelled down the mountain again and again and again as I sought to stay on my skis while weaving and wheezing my way through the Colorado ski community.

3. I’m better at other things. Have a sermon you want preached? I’m your dude. Write a how to evangelism manual? Give me a call. Ski instructor? Look elsewhere. Although during the filming of our latest reality series GOSPEL Journey Maui I discovered that even though I had a hard time skiing in my home state of Colorado, I could, for some strange reason, get up on a surf board. I surfed for an entire afternoon in Hawaii just a few months ago and enjoyed every body bruising minute of it. I’m not saying I looked good doing it. But I am saying that I got up and stayed up on the board enough to call myself a very novice but very eager surfer. Although I can’t swim (don’t ask) I think I found a sport that I’d like to get better at.

Either way I’m looking forward to spending time with my family in the mountains today and having a great time tomorrow hearing how Jeremy faired on the slopes (pray he’s got mama’s genes!) It should be a lot of fun and some much needed down time after four back to back events.

Kawabunga Dude!

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