“Daddy, don’t get distracted by the eggs.”

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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Just the other day I was talking with my wife about Easter and the laundry list of stuff that we needed to get done before the big day (including the laundry!) From picking up the Honeybaked Ham to attending Good Friday services at our church to buying, dyeing and hiding eggs my wife and I were chatting up a storm about all the chocolatey bunny details that needed completed in the next few days.

That’s when my seven year old boy Jeremy interrupted us with these words,“Daddy, don’t get distracted by the eggs.”

I didn’t exactly know what he was talking about at first. I was right in the middle of waxing eloquent with my wife about the Easter Things To Do List when he threw out his perplexing statement. My wife and I just kind of stopped and looked at him.

He explained, “The reason for Easter is not eggs, Daddy. It’s Jesus rising from the dead.”

At first I tried to think up something witty and Biblical to say like “Well you know son, just like eggs represent new life, the resurrection represents, blah, blah, blah….” After all I am a preacher. But instead I just nodded and said, “Thanks for the reminder Jeremy. You are right.”

This Easter let’s not be distracted by the eggs, the candy, the Easter clothes or the artery clogging foods around the table. Let’s get distracted by the resurrected Christ.

Thanks for the reminder son.

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