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The Tornado that almost got us

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

On March 14th at 9:45pm a Tornado tore apart downtown Atlanta. Out of the 150 million + worth of damage the majority was inflicted on The Georgia World Congress Center.

Seven days earlier Dare 2 Share was doing our “Survive” conference (a whole new meaning to the word “Survive”) at this convention center with almost 6,000 teenagers. If that tornado had happened exactly one week earlier we would have literally been finishing up our drama when the storm tore through the building we were in.

I can’t even imagine if that would have happened. Before the drama finished. Before the gospel was given. Before the response time. To me the real trauma would not be in the swirling debris but not being able to drive home the point of the entire evening…Jesus.

“Thank you Lord for protecting the teens who attended the Survive tour in Atlanta from this tragedy. May you use this tornado to remind them that you are God and that you are in charge. We pray for the people who were hurt by this storm. Heal them quickly and use this to draw them closer to yourself. You are God and we are in awe of you.”

And thank you all you prayer warriors out there. You prayers are doing more than resulting in lives changed and souls saved. They are protecting us from the tornados (both literally and figuratively) that are seeking to destroy this ministry.

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