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Our 17 year wedding anniversary

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

My wife Debbie should receive sainthood from the Roman Catholic Church.Why? Because she conquered the most stubborn Protestant on this planet…me.

stierfamilyphoto.jpgIf you met my wife you’d be impressed by her warm smile, her listening ear and her genuine kindness. But what you probably wouldn’t even guess is that under her authentically kind personality is a steely resolve and holy determination. This resolve revolves around a handful of non-negotiables: raising godly children, being a great teacher, and helping me make family a priority and learn how to genuinely love others. You see in my quest to “win the world for Jesus” I sometimes tend to view people as a means to that end. God uses her to remind me again and again and again that people are “that end.”

God gave me the PERFECT woman for my strange and kooky wiring. She is the yin to my yang. She is the Judo to my Kung Fu. She is the oil to my vinegar.

That’s right. We are opposites and contrary to popular opinion, opposites attack. But it’s been through that husband/wife friction that God has used my awesome wife to hone and chisel and love the rough edges off of my blunt and often abrasive personality. Because of her I am learning what it means to love others. 

My wife should be elected for sainthood by the RCC. But of course, in the Protestant tradition, she is already a saint (declared to be one along with the rest of those who believe at the moment of salvation). And she is exercising that sainthood by being an awesome wife and phenomenal mom. In addition to all this she is a 5th grade teacher at a public school, the kind of 5th grade teacher that makes a life long impact on the kids who go through her class. She is one of those handful of teachers that kids can’t forget. Why? Because she loves everyone and she loves them.

Thank you Lord for giving me such a great wife! You are using her to show me what true love is!

I love you sweetie! Thanks for sticking with me in spite of all my weirdness. Happy Anniversary!

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