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Doing a Funeral Today

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

David was only 51 and he dropped dead of a heart attack on Sunday. He and his wonderful wife have been long time supporters of Dare 2 Share. They were among the first couples to join the church I pastored years ago. I think they were started attending when we had only like 30 people.

They have nine children in their family…nine. And these are some of the greatest kids I have ever met. Their whole family is wonderful.

Please pray for Martha and her children as they commemorate their family patriarch today. He was truly a godly, humble man. “Gentle Rain” was his Indian name. And he was truly that. He blessed all those around him with his gentle humility and loving leadership.

Pray for me as I give the gospel. Pray “that I may make it clearly as I should” (Colossians 4:4). Pray that people, many people, come into the kingdom of God as a result.

There’s nothing like a funeral to get people thinking about their own mortality and their inevitable head-on collision with the Grim Reaper someday. There’s nothing like a funeral to offer people the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Pray for a harvest of souls for the glory of the kingdom. Nothing would commemorate David’s memory more than Jesus transforming lives through David’s funeral services today, just like he transformed so many through David’s life.

The funeral is at 2pm (MST).

Thanks for your prayers.

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