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Un numbers 9 and 10

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Greg Stier

Un #9    Unequaled Strategy

The early disciples had a specific and effective strategy for reaching the early world for Jesus. For the most part they took the gospel to key cities and trade centers as they traveled. They knew that if the gospel “took” in these trade cities then it would spread out from the traveling ships or merchant caravans that traveled to and through those bustling cities of commerce.

Not only did the disciples target key cities, they focused on “viral” centers in those cities. For instance whenever Paul was in a town with a synagogue (most bigger cities in the early world had one) Paul would use his street cred as a Pharisee to gain access to Jewish pulpits. But instead of the usual chit chat about this and rabbinical that Paul would make a case from the Old Testament for Jesus being the Messiah. When he was in Athens he went to Mar’s Hill (where the philosophers gathered) and shared the gospel in a way the Greek mind could understand and appreciate (even though most of them didn’t!)

The disciples targeted key cities and key places within those cities with key messages tailor-made for a key audience. That was, well, the key!

When we take the right message to the right people at the right time we see God do some powerful things. We must be strategic as we share the good news of Jesus to those around us in the right way.

Un #10   Unlimited Power

Before Jesus went off into the wild, blue yonder (quite literally) he promised unlimited power to his disciples. This power came to them ten days later when the Holy Spirit rushed into their souls. The Day of Pentecost changed everything for them and for us. No longer was Jesus on the outside trying to work his way into the hearts and minds of the disciples. He was now on the inside working his way out, in their actions, evangelistic efforts and attempts to make disciples of all nations.

Jesus guaranteed his disciples “you will receive power after the Holy Spirit comes on you” in Acts 1:8. The word power comes from the Greek Word “dunamis” which is where we get our English word “dynamite.” In other words it is explosive power.

The power of God exploded in and through the disciples as soon as the Holy Spirit came into their souls and pulled the pin on the gospel grenade. The shrapnel of truth pierced over 3,000 moments after the Spirit of God filled the early disciples and Peter stood up “in power” to preach the good news.

This explosive power gave the disciples the strength to endure every torture (including being boiled in oil for dear, old John!) and gave them grace in their executions to die with style.

This same divine power courses through our spiritual veins and is waiting to pump our hearts and lives with explosive change. All we must do is choose to depend on his strength and not our own and things will start to blow up spiritually.

Will you yield to his strength? Will you allow the Holy Spirit to pull the pin on the inside and explode in power through every aspect of your life?

If you want revival you can’t humanly manufacture it. It must come from God’s strength working in, on and through you!

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