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Pedro, Bob and swim lessons with my five year old.

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I can’t swim, float or even doggy paddle. But I have the flail down.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve not afraid of the water. Whenever I can get to the ocean I go in it. I’ve been snorkeling in Maui and even scuba dived a few years ago in Cozumel (although the guy Pedro who “certified” me and my wife took a whole twenty minutes to do it and then plunged us into the ocean to take a watery journey to the bottom of the ocean that I’ll never forget.) This backyard scuba “expert” took us both about thirty feet down to the sea floor before my gear started malfunctioning (or was it me?) I kept hitting the ocean floor and then turning the nob and flying to the top. I turned the nob again and went right to the bottom. Meanwhile my wife is having the time of her life while I relived pounding the ocean floor and then shooting to the surface again and again and again.

So I’m taking swim lessons with my five year old Jeremy and “Bob”, a seventy year old swim coach in Boulder. Am I humiliated that there I am in the water learning the same moves as my Kindergartner? After experiencing my humiliation in the ocean with Pedro the scuba instructor nothing aquatic can phase me.

Kind of like life. God uses the “poundings” we take early in life to prepare us for the poundings we are taking today.

Who loves ya Pedro?

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