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Proof that there is a God

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

All week long here in Maui we have been talking about proof that there is a God. That’s a tough one. What consititutes proof? How much evidence is enough?

It’s funny. When it comes to the GOSPEL Journey Reality Series it’s been Jasser (the Muslim) who has done the best job articulating proof for the existence of God. The other day on the top of the volcano he waved his hand around the wonderful panoramic view we all had and said, “Is there an artist in the world that could reproduce this beauty? If we believe that only an artist creates beauty then why can’t we view God as the artist who painted this beautiful picture?”

Score Jasser (he’s a soccer player too.)

I’ve been talking about autopistic, axiopistic and personal “proofs” for the existence of God and authority of the Bible all week. But here is some proofs from this week’s filming that are good enough for me:

-The plane that had all of the GOSPEL Journey participants on it was delayed by hours which gave them all a chance to bond. By he time they walked in our MTV style beach house they were tight, like they had been friends for a long, long time.

-The park ranger on the top of the volcano said that maybe 5% of their days on top were this nice. Warmer, less windy, no rain and a wonderful sunrise over the clouds. Wow.

-Surf day: For the last thirty days they had had virtually NO waves. But the day we wax our boards to go surfing and do a talk on the beach the waves were rocking and we were rolling.

-Snorkeling day…giant sea turtles…enough said.

-Yesterday’s trip to the leper colony on Molokai looked like a bust when we discovered the plane to get us there was broken. The only option was to ferry over, hike in, do the tour, hike out and then ferry back over…in less than 12 hours. We did it. It sealed our bonds, opened our talks and gave me the final allegory I need to lay out the gospel story tomorrow afternoon.

Please pray for us the next 48 hours. Pray that God continues to move and that God continues to prove that he is real to these very precious and very new friends of mine.

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