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Random thoughts on a Sunday morning…

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I’m sitting in Starbucks looking at another beautiful Colorado sunrise, once again amazed at the power, creativity and benevolence of God. He is someting else…literally. He is totally different from anything I have seen on this planet. Just the sight of the sun rising shows his majestic bent toward beautiful things and the warmth of the sun rising shows his love for all humankind, the rays of warmth extend to everyone everywhere.

Speaking of the sun rising on a Sunday morning…it just happens to be Easter as I pound out these words on my overworked, crumb-infested keyboard (so I like pastries and coffee on Easter morning…don’t you?) The sun rising and the Son risen, the warmth of his love extending to all men everywhere, the rays of his outstretched hands offering all men everywhere the warmth and beauty of his divine embrace.

Reach out your hands and receive his love if you haven’t. Lift up your hands and praise him if you have.

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