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Thoughts Revolving Around the Revolution

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Wow. It’s hard to believe that the revolution tour is over. It went so quick. What started as a concept on paper just last year ended up being a flow blown training production and then bang…it’s done.

What’s not done is the real revolution, the day-to-day revolution in the mud and blood of the battlefield that thousands of youth leaders and students are carrying on in their youth groups as a result of God’s work in their lives through the truths they learned and applied during this conference season.

God gets all the glory for all the souls saved, teens trained and lives changed.

Out of all the training tours we have done at Dare 2 Share I think that the Revolution tour is my new favorite. The plot of the weekend centered around my favorite Old Testament story, David and Goliath. The lessons in this simple passage of Scripture gave students and youth leaders alike the tools they needed to face their giants with courage and strength.

I won’t forget the teens I met in the Twin Cities, Charlotte, Denver, Columbus, Lincoln, Seattle, Atlanta, Phoenix, St.Louis and Houston. May the revolution continue in your hearts, your youth groups and your campuses. Face your giants with courage. Swing your sling and watch what God can and will do.

But I have to go for now. It’s time to lace up my cleats, put on my jersey and strap on my helmet. It’s time to get ready for the brand new Game Day Tour coming from Dare 2 Share starting in September.

Game on.

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