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The Truth about Greg!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

So here I was, just a 17 year old skinny Christian teen in middle class Arvada, Colorado (just west of Denver). I had trusted Christ a few years back, but my Christian life just seemed to be missing something. I went to church basically every time the doors were opened, but that was more about hot girls than being on fire for God.

Then there was the youth group meeting that changed everything.

Our youth pastor named Clay Stone (no really – that’s his name) announced that we had a guest speaker for the night. Oh great – says I to myself…prepare for 40 minutes of mind numbing Bible thumping from some adult in the church who thinks they can ‘preach’.

But no…before us stood yet another 17 year old skinny Christian teen from middle class Arvada, Colorado (just west of Denver in case you missed it). His name was Greg Stier (pronounced ‘steer’, but moooving right along), and he came right out of the stall (hehe) with an in-your-face-get-right-with-God-share-your-faith challenge…

Sound familiar? Well it didn’t to me. Sure, we ‘talked’ about ‘talking about’ our faith with our unsaved friends, but that’s as far as it ever went…talking about it. This was something completely different. This Greg Stier character was insisting that we actually do it! And he even had Bible verses and stuff to back it up!

But Greg – says I to myself – I really want to, but I have no clue how to…so I’m off the hook, right?

Wrong. Almost as if he read my mind (maybe he can?!? Whoa!) he then laid out a simple method for sharing our faith. I stood there mesmerized by this simple yet crystal clear way of telling people the greatest news on planet earth.

By the end of the meeting it wasn’t about hot girls anymore, it was about lost friends and the reality of hell. I went up to Greg after the meeting, introduced myself, and asked if he wanted to hang out sometime. His response?

“Sure – let’s hang out this Friday at the mall where we can witness to the teens that hang out every weekend.”

I know that doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but I was surprised at that moment to learn the truth about Greg. The boy was, is, and always will be flat out on fire for God and broken hearted for the lost. The infectious attitude of a 17 year old shifted the course of my life nearly 25 years ago…which is one reason I’m proud to still be serving side by side with one of the great evangelists of our generation at Dare 2 Share ministries.

Care to join us?

Note: Lane Palmer will be guest blogging on Greg’s blog from time to time. You can look forward to some great “Greg Stories” and also passionate insight into God’s word relative to day to day living. Lane has been on staff at Dare 2 Share Ministries for over 5 years as the Youth Ministry Specialist. His focus is developing resources for youth leaders and students to assist them in the trenches of ministry.

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