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Surviving in Seattle

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Tonight we kick off our Survive conference in Seattle, Washington. I have a bad, bad cold and am fully medicated right now so I take limited responsibility for the words I’m about to type.

But in spite of the cough (hack!!!) and the flem (ewwww!) and the post nasal drip (?) I’m pumped up (the Holy Spirit!), jacked up (adrenalin!) and juiced up (Starbucks!) for the conference this weekend.

Seattle is supposed to be in of the most unchurched regions of the United States. So why is it that this is one of my most favorite conferences? I love the teenagers here. I love their thoughtful responses to our training events. I love the youth leaders here as well. They seem very real and very sober about the very challenging spiritual environment surrounding them all the time.

In some ways the spirituality of the people in Seattle, Portland and places in between is a preview of things to come throughout the rest of America. If something doesn’t change quickly America will become even more of an unchurched Oprah/New Age mish mash of Buddha meets gnostic Jesus meets the Dalai Lama (help me Tom Cruise I’m on fire!!!)

My prayer is that God raises up the young people throughout the Pacific Northwest to introduce their campuses and communities, not to religion, but to a relationship with the real Jesus of the Bible. We at Dare 2 Share are working to unleash churches and teenagers with the tools they need to really make a difference as they live and give the good news of Jesus to all those around them!

Pray with me that God does something signficant this weekend in Seattle! Pray with me that God launches a revival of Biblical proportions that reverberates across America! Pray with me that God gives me a strong voice throughout this weekend that will resound with the teenagers of the Pacific Northwest.

God is up to something bigger than we can imagine.

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