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Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I’m tired. It’s almost midnight as I lay exhausted on my hotel bed ready to fall asleep. I’ve had a full day of donor meetings and youth leader trainings.

Been traveling on the road all this week. I got home on Sunday from the Twin Cities Game Day conference and had to leave on Monday to go to Atlanta (youth leader luncheons) and then off to Houston its off to Houston for another training. This week has been packed and stacked. And next week is not much better.

But that’s okay. This weekend I’ll get some R & R with the family up in Breckenridge (AKA The Rocky Mountains).  Can’t wait.

By the way don’t feel sorry for me. Yes this vocation can be challenging and I greatly miss my wife and kids. But this job is a lot easier than what I did for eight years of my life…roofing. Whenever I get tired I just say to myself, “easier than roofing.” I mean what’s the worse thing that can happen to me as a preacher? A paper cut from turning the pages of my Bible too quickly? A bruise from pounding the pulpit? Tendonitis from pointing my finger in judgment? Splinters from taking the beam out of my own eye?

Although I think I do feel the sting of Satan’s attacks more often now than when I was swinging a hammer for a living. Maybe its that Dare 2 Share is, by God’s grace, hitting close to something that is right at the epicenter of what the devil does not want to see…a student movement of Biblical proportions.

Or maybe its just because I’m tired.

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