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Wet, Cold and Happy in Lincoln

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

The storm is coming!

As I type these words thousands of teenagers have spread out all across Lincoln Nebraska collecting canned goods, prayer requests and sharing Jesus. It’s a cold rain now but is supposed to turn into snow any moment. A major winter storm has been forecast for Nebraska (and pretty much all across the midwest and plains!)

The storm is here!

The real storm is stewing, brewing and blowing between the forces of darkness and the forces of God as these courageous teens contend with Satan for the souls of those who don’t know Jesus. The rain won’t stop them. The snow won’t stop them. The devil won’t stop them.

Empowered by the Spirit of God they go out to share the good news with all who will hear it. They proclaim his glory by the very act of braving the elements for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

Every blast of wind steels and seals their resolve.

Every chilly rain drop deepens their dependence on God.

With every shiver that runs down their spines they are reminded to trust in the God/man who gave up the comforts of heaven and exchanged them for the coldness of humanity. He sacrificed it all for them.

And now they are sacrificing back, not to the same depth or the same degree, but sacrifice nonetheless. Their small sacrifice of a few hours in the cold is a token of their undying love for the one who sacrificed everything for them.

We are wet, cold and very, very happy in Lincoln this weekend.

I love my job. I love these teenagers.

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