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Torn between two Huskers

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I am torn. On one hand I am the farthest thing from a Nebraska Cornhusker fan. By the way, what is a cornhusker anyway? I’m guessing it is somebody who husks corn professionally. Let me apologize in advance to any professional corn huskers out there, but, come on Nebraska, you couldn’t come up with a better team name than that? But, on the other hand, I come from Denver where we named one of our professional sports teams after nuggets…nuggets made of what I don’t know.

Anyway the reason I feel torn (like a cob of corn from it’s husk) is that, while I’m not a Big Red fan (the team), I am a big Nebraska fan (the state). I love the people here. I love the teens here. I love the vibe here.

Friday night we expect a sell out at the old Pershing Arena in downtown Lincoln. The place is going to be packed and stacked with teenagers from all over Nebraska and surrounding states. They will be energized and equipped to take their corn-fed communities for Jesus one soul at a time. All of them will be turned loose on Saturday afternoon to collect canned food, prayer requests and “distribute” the best news in the world.

Right now as I type these words at a Starbucks in Lincoln I can’t help but thank God for this city. It was only seven or eight years ago that we did our first Dare 2 Share conference here with 600 teenagers. This weekend through God’s grace, hard work and the great partners we have in Nebraska,we’ll have more than 6,000 teens.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I truly thank God for the teens and youth leaders from all across the great state of Nebraska. My knees bow in praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for the donors, prayer warriors and volunteers who have helped to pull all of this off year after year here in this city.

But if I see one more Big Red “N” I’m going to jump off a building.

Don’t worry, I won’t get hurt. There will be a huge pile of husks at the bottom to break my fall.

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