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Grace Unafraid

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

There is a gift amazing and free,
Purchased by the blood of God’s only Son.
It’s the portal to life and forgiveness of sins
Accomplished through the death of the One.

It’s offered to every person on earth.
All they must do is believe.
Their fear of death forever removed,
Once God’s grace they receive.

But the frowning elite furrow their brows
And cluck their tongues at the “free.”
With each of their religious requirements,
They seek to add to God’s mercy a fee.

“Turn, try, cry and surrender!”
Is the slogan of a cheap brand of grace.
Their long list of laws and conditions
Slaps Jesus himself in the face.

They put their focus on what they must do,
Instead on what Jesus has done.
They seek the glory for themselves,
Instead of the work of the Son.

But those who come with nothing but faith,
Like children who trust and don’t doubt,
Are transformed by His life-giving Spirit
And changed on the inside and out.

God’s grace has a pricetag, a pricetag indeed,
Which HE paid in full at the cross.
It’s only AFTER we receive it by faith
That we are called to count the full cost.

It’s then we can choose to die to ourselves
In response to his divine work of grace.
Not in order to earn his salvation,
But because of the smile on his face.

So don’t be afraid of God’s infinite love,
And to it don’t add one good deed.
Simply believe the good news of Jesus,
And let his grace alone be your creed.

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