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Big announcement: Dare 2 Share LIVE 2018 is on for October 13, 2018!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

September 23rd, 2017—the day of the first ever Dare 2 Share LIVE event—was a history-maker. Thousands of teens across the country from Alaska to Florida gathered in local churches for a day of worship, gospel training, and outreach to advance the message of Jesus. 

D2SL 2018.jpg

From the training to the worship to the timing of the emcees to the local outreaches, everything synced like clockwork. There was one point where 10,000 teens and adults were praying simultaneously for revival out loud from coast to coast! 

One of the most exciting things for me was watching the map of gospel conversations on the Dare 2 Share Live app blow up as teens uploaded videos that triggered gospel convos with their peers! I loved watching the pictures and videos from the local sites  streaming onto the social media feed on the app. It was a national party in honor of Jesus!

Dare 2 Share LIVE was one of the biggest steps of faith that Dare 2 Share Ministries has ever taken. After decades of training teens to share the gospel at weekend conferences, the idea of this unprecedented event was pretty darn nerve-wracking at times, but it was so worth it.

God got all the glory as teenagers spread the gospel and brought lost souls to the foot of the cross during Dare 2 Share LIVE.

And now after lots of prayer and reflection on year one, we will, by God’s grace, do another Dare 2 Share LIVE event across America on October 13th, 2018!

The Skit Guys and Zane Black have already confirmed that they will be back with us for this next Dare 2 Share Live event! We will keep you updated as artists and speakers are added.

We believe that revival is coming, and teenagers, fueled with Holy Spirit power and armed with the gospel of Jesus Christ, can be the catalytic force behind that revival. That’s why Dare 2 Share Ministries exists, and that’s why Dare 2 Share LIVE is so important.

It is a rally point for revival! It’s a kickoff to the school year that focuses on prayer, service and evangelism! It could be the trigger point for the saturation of this nation with the hope that only Jesus can provide.

So put it on your calendar now.  Stay tuned for how you can be a host site. Sign up for updates here.

But more than anything else pray with us every day at 10:13 A.M. and/or P.M. Pray for God to guide, provide and create unstoppable momentum for Dare 2 Share LIVE 2018. We’re going to keep working until every teen everywhere hears the gospel from a friend!

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